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  • “I feel calm and focused and learn't  a lot from the program. I am now confident to move forward with the right support.”
  • “I feel I have achieved an improved lifestyle and healthier daily routine since attending the program and feel less stressed. I have also lost 4kg whilst attending the functional sessions.”
  • “I found the functional sessions life changing and the best thing that has ever happened to me is Pro Rehab Solutions!”
  • “I see the Police Wellness Program and Pro Rehab Solutions as being very helpful.  This is something that all NSW Police have to experience because it can help.  I feel valued and not forgotten.”
  • “Pro Rehab Solutions is very easy to talk too about all aspects of my injury and recovery.  They are genuinely interested in providing me a new career direction to which has been successful.  I am now happily working in Childcare and Studying for my Diploma in Early Childcare and Education.”
  • “I am having very positive benefits from my Counselling and have had more benefit from 5 Counselling Sessions with Pro Rehab Solutions compared with 5 years with my own Psychologist. I always leave feeling relieved and motivated. I have also lost 20kg during the course of the program.”